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Triphala - The Three Fruits


One of the most recognised Ayurvedic remedies is Triphala.

Tri = Three Phala= Fruits

The three fruits in Triphala are Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.

Triphala as a combination of herbs has all the six tastes within it (sad rasa - prounounced 'shaad ra sa'). In Ayurveda each taste supports specific functions and conditions in the body such as digestion, nerves, muscles, sleep, vigour, etc. And each taste is a combination of two of the Five Elements - therefore, Triphala also provides all Five Elements to the body.

Most who have been recommended Triphala understand it as a remedy that regulates the colon - particularly thinking of it as a remedy for constipation.

In fact, Triphala both stimulates and calms the colon and agni where needed (agni includes the appetite, digestion, assimilation of food and elimination of waste).

Because of this balancing action, Triphala provides support to many digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, acid reflux, chrohns, colitis, ulcers, ama conditions (poor digestion and its symptoms), digestive discomfort due to stress, irregular or weak peristalsis.

But, Triphala didn't become a cornerstone of Ayurvedic treatment just through its benefits to the digestion alone -- even though healthy Agni is itself considered a cornerstone of health and well-being.

Triphala is also used as a benefit in all skin conditions, for rejuvination of the body (rasayana/anti-aging), supportive to respiratory function and to soothe the body and mind via its anti-inflammatory action.

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