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Supporting the Ether Body

Our Ether Body is the most interesting Element within our body. It is our potential. It is our potential to grow, to create energy, to create ideas, to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. It is the intelligence within us. It is the same innate wisdom that unfolds an oak from the tiny acorn. It is all the spaces in the body that hold the expanding, opening, subtle energy within the body and share that energy with the body and mind when it is needed. It is the ability to shift our energy into fifth gear when required. It is not that it is always required or more important than anything else - but if the ability to get into this mode is inhibited our health will suffer.

When the Ether Energy in the body is balanced we will have the ability (when the occasion suits it) to think clearly, well, creatively, positively and mindfully. We will also be able to take information in through the five senses without confusion or disturbance.

When the Ether Energy in the body is deficient we will feel foggy headed, low in mood, suffer from intermittent unclear/foggy vision, generally aches and pains, lack of enjoyment from food (but eat anyway) and unrefreshing sleep.

When our Ether Energy is in excess we may feel very stressed even within a normal day to day rhythm.

If the Ether Energy is deficient or if there is an excess within another Element that would benefit from a boost in Ether Energy, there are many ways we can bank it!

Movement: A sliding scale of movements that include vagus nerve practices (which includes gentle movement and self massage throughout the face, neck and throat) works well for balancing both excess and deficient Ether Element within the body.

Massage: Indian Head Massage and Shirodhara (from a qualified practitioner who will take you through the initial 'cleansing process').

Food: The bitter tastes are wonderful for adding improving the quality of our Ether Body. Add in those leafy greens to your meals.

Lifestyle: Make some space in your life for silence. Take time in your day to be quiet and alone. You don't need to meditate. Clear out your cupboards and drawers and do a 'house-cleanse'. Make space in your life for new things, new people, new experiences - this happens by getting rid of things, people and experiences (jobs/lifestyles/activities/situations) that don't support and nourish you.

There are certain activities and lifestyle choices that create poor quality and excess Ether Element. In this case, you can still do the above health practices but try to cut out the following:

  • Excess work and deadlines

  • Excess pressure generally

  • Toxic work-load

  • Excess sugar

  • Excess alcohol

  • Excess processed foods/take-aways/quick meals

  • Toxic relationships

If the Ether Energy is excessive there are other Elements that can help to bring balance.

Similarly, the Ether Energy is can be important in reducing excess Earth Energy.

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