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Supporting the Wind (Prana) Body

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Our Wind Body are all the elements, organs, tissues, body-parts that need light, mobile, quick, drying, cooler energy and, at the same time, offer that same circulation of light, quick energy to our other organs, tissues, body-parts and our mind when it is needed. It is the ability to shift our energy into fourth gear when required. It is not that it is always required or more important than anything else - but if the ability to get into this mode is inhibited our health will suffer.

When the Wind Energy in the body is balanced we will have the ability (when the occasion suits it) to be light-hearted and mentally agile and our body will feel light, mobile with a sense of freedom of movement.

When the Wind Energy in the body is deficient we will feel a lack of energy and feel heavy and congested. Mentally we will feel quiet and un-expressive even when the situation demands the absolute opposite.

When our Wind Energy is in excess we may feel sensitive (one of the sensitivities can be to wind and drafts) anxious or sliding into overwhelm. We may suffer from constipation (or other digestive issues), insomnia in the early morning hours (2am onwards) suffer from spontaneous low back pain (not due to injury) and notice 'wandering pains'.

If the Wind Energy is deficient or if there is an excess within another Element that would benefit from a boost in Wind Energy, there are many ways we can bank it!

Movement: A sliding scale of movements that include shoulder strengthening and stretching, arm binds, traction of the spine and upper chest and upper back movements/practices works well for balancing both excess and deficient Wind Element within the body.

Massage: Massage the shoulders and front of the chest.

Food: The astringent and bitter tastes are wonderful for adding improving the quality of our Wind Body. Add in those leafy greens to your meals and look for the best legumes for your body. Legumes/beans can be hard for some people to digest due to improper preparation. Peas and red lentils, split lentils only need to soak for about 20 minutes before you cook them. Black beans and garbanzo beans need at least 8 hours to soak. Put a pinch of asofetida or fresh grated ginger in your soaking water to increase the efficacy of the soaking and rinse thoroughly a few times before cooking. In addition to soaking, cooking your beans with ghee (clarified butter) and cumin seeds can help to reduce the gas as well. Don't eat canned beans!

Lifestyle: Add in your breathing practices for morning, noon and night as this is a fantastic way to support your nervous system and the Wind Body.

There are certain activities and lifestyle choices that create poor quality and excess Wind Element. In this case, you can still do the above health practices but try to cut out the following:

  • Excess travelling

  • Not fully recovering from injury before resuming activity

  • Under and over-breathing or repeatedly holding the breath during stressful times

  • Excess cold, raw and dry foods

  • Under using, over using or wrongly using the five senses (example: not exposing your mind, body and senses to enough sunlight; reading through lecture material for hours without a break; excess blue light to eyes before bed)

If the Wind Energy is excessive there are other Elements that can help to bring balance.

Similarly, the Wind Energy is can be important in reducing excess Water and Earth Element.

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