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Ayurvedic Massage Point for Stress

You are probably already practicing a daily marma massage without even knowing it!

When we rub our palms over our whole face when tired and overwhelmed we are massaging, stimulating and calming some important marma on the palms and the face that are linked with freshening our mental state, giving the mind some peace (from worry, grief, anxiety, excessive concentration, nervousness, etc), helping to relieve eye-strain and eye-stress, perhaps soothing an oncoming headache and opening the 'gate' for energy to flow back into the brain.

And when we sit back and take our hands to our belly and breathe a bit slower for a few minutes to help us reconnect to our emotions, centre, feelings and self we are breathing into and re-energising important marma related to mental calm, kick-starting digestive processes that were halted during a stressful moment and repairing the feeling that we have lost the balance in our life/day or have lost our 'gut feeling' that guides us in moments of difficult choices.

We might even extend the soles of our feet into a pair of caring hands with the words 'you HAVE to rub my feet!', like we can't carry on with life anymore without a foot rub. In this action, we are asking for the marma points associated with release of the 'heat' of stress and with that helping the circulation of any available energy (Prana) around the body. This foot rub will also help mental tension, back pain, menstrual pain and general fatigue.

In Ayurveda, daily warm herbal oil massage over the marma points is a practice that is as natural as brushing your teeth each morning!

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