classes and treatments

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As all the changes continue with the World around us, leaving some in a space of more stress and less resources, I wanted to make sure that you have access to as many ways of practicing as I can offer

Yoga Class

five element immersion

River Room, Halton

Saturday 11am May 21st - July 9th

8 week course and recording - £64 - drop in £10

Online Yoga

five element immersion


Wednesday 6pm May 18 - July 6th

zoom class or recording by donation


Ayurvedic Reflexology


Sun - Wed

11am & 5:30pm

1st appt £60

Follow up £40

I only have 5 minutes! - Decongest VIDEO 2-high.gif

Video on Demand

subscription page

85+ videos

£9.60 month

Relaxing with Music

Sound Cloud

Self Care Audio

quick fixes



study notes

work more deeply with your practice

email me

free w/course purchase

please email me if you would like to book or if you have any questions