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What's Your Morning Routine?

In Ayurveda the mornings between 6am - 10am are considered 'kapha time' or a part of the day dominated by the qualities of the Earth and Water Elements (heavy, slow, oily (mucousy), steady and cool).

This is the time where we slowly get moving, decongest ourselves (movement and lifestyle practices such as breathwork, body oiling/skin brushing, Jala neti (nasal wash), yoga, exercise, light meal) and gently start the day. We all know how it can ruin the whole day if we notice with a heart lurch that we are waaaayyyy late and race through this gentle part of the morning or of we sleep into this time.

Practices that decongest us, get us moving (not too fast), stimulate us and start our engines in this Kapha time of the day are a great add in to set up a healthy mind and nervous system throughout the day (some body-types and symptoms may benefit from slightly less stimulation and more work on absorbing the morning Kapha/Water/Earth Element).

It is worth noting that we are all uniquely individual in how we will best benefit from putting our morning routine together

Depending on our symptoms (kapha increase or decrease) we might choose a stimulating pranayama or a regulating pranayama for our morning practice.

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