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What is Your Afternoon Routine?

Our afternoon energy is a great window into how our nervous system is doing.

Ayurveda calls the time of day from 2pm - 6pm the 'Vata Time'.

It is predominant in the qualities of the Space and Air (Wind) Element (light, mobile, expanding, irregular, drying, subtle, pervading and clear). These qualities come to the surface within us and around us making it a great time for studying, being creative, arts and crafts, problem solving, creative thinking, learning a new skill, self improvement, general 'head work' and anything else that requires dexterity, thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Because of the irregularities inherent within the Vata time of day, all of the above should be interspersed with a time of re-nourishing the nerves.

This is the ideal time of day for a teaspoon of chywanaprash in hot water or added to an Ayurvedic tea and a balancing/regulating pranayama practice.

It's also a great time for a gentle walk/sit in Nature or a mini self/professional massage as a time out or reboot.

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