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What do you put into your days? (Dinacharya - Ayurvedic daily routines)

'Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.'

-- William Blake

Oh, if only life and health was that easy!

Designing our own daily health care routines and appraising what we already do daily can be one of the most eye-opening practices.

Ayurvedic texts state a good Ayurvedic Doctor should be able to understand a person's health conditions simply by knowing what they do daily.

It is worth asking yourself 'what are the qualities that make up each and every one of my days lately?'

Shower, brush teeth, coffee, exercise, dietary supplements, late nights, worry, sitting a lot, miss meals, snack between meals, watch tv, sleep in, get angry, get hugs, care for someone unwell, get out in the fresh air, go onto the computer, deal with chronic pain issues, laugh, cry, eat fresh wholesome food, waste time, creative release, frustration, hydrate, take some quiet time, work, over-work, people watch and daydream, clean, over-clean, see friends....

All of us do most of these things, but which ones make up YOUR Dinacharya (daily followings) and what qualities/Elements do they mostly bring into your body and mind?

Ether -- spaciousness, finding your truth and spiritual connection

Wind -- movement, freedom, de-cluttering and communication

Fire -- connection with self and others, laughter, fun and meeting challenges that build self assurance

Water -- letting go of what is not needed, creating anew and finding community and supportive relationships

Earth -- feeling safe, grounded, secure and surviving all the highs and lows and troubles with a feeling of belonging

I don't know if this is a helpful or meaningful post or not but sometimes I do look at my days and realise I'm doing the SAME things over and over.... and the routine is very very helpful but the routine itself needs to have variety within it.

Ayurveda says every Element /every quality (the hot and the cold; the rough and the smooth; the light and the heavy) is needed for a healthy life

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