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Calming Vata Dosha

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Vata Dosha Chikitsa is treatment for the mind, thoughts, brain and nervous system and, particularly, re-directing how Prana travels through the body. In these classes we are letting the energy drop downward and go deep inwards (relieving excess energy around the head, senses, brain and nervous system) which can be really helpful to provide relief to symptoms of insomnia, generalised wandering pains, anxiety, constipation, loss of physical strength and stiff joints.

Bringing the Earth, Water and Fire Elements into the body via movement, massage, diet/supplements and lifestyle can be a real boost when you are experiencing the symptoms above.

Movement -- Strengthen the body using the Earth and Water Element sequences (video below) and provide deep relaxation in-between movements and at the end with Savasana

Massage - Reflexology can be incredibly helpful at relieving mental stress and warm oil massage of the hands is a wonderful daily practice, especially for Vata Dosha Excess

Lifestyle - Keeping to a routine for bedtime and meal-times is a wonderful way to support the body, make it feel safe and provide regular nourishment to the nerves.

Food - Warm, gently spiced (and herbs) hydrating foods such as root vegetable soups with a nourishing stock base is incredibly calming and soothing to the body.


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