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The Roots of Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a symbolic practice.

Those forward folds and deep hip stretches and strengtheners bow to the Earth around us and within us.

As we bring our attention downwards to an experience of our own relationship with foundation, support, security, safety, family, community, what do we find?

The Earthy structures take many forms. We may be swimming (with emotion) towards that faraway cove knowing that when we get there we can finally rest. Collapsed in a heap, exhausted but held gently by the sand until we can swim again.

The land is a place to find food, graze, nourish and gather to connect to those with us.

It can be the bridge out into and over places less travelled or places difficult to navigate .

It can be the materials for making shelter providing a respite from the daily grind.

It can be a spot to sit and enjoy the beauty, colours, blossoms and variety of shapes, smells and expressions of life.

Our own roots, root of the spine, hips to feet hold within them our Earth Element experiences. It is not our job to fix everything, perfect our forward fold, gymnasticate (word?) the external rotation of our femur. It is simply to listen, watch, feel and be with those sensations that come through, giving them some space and time to be what they are.

Heavy, still, slow, grounding, holding, building, repairing, safety and security.

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