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The Earth Wind - Apana Vayu

In Ayurveda and Yoga, the Five Elements are the building blocks of everything within us and outside of us. The Five Elements are Ether, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth and they represent all the qualities we experience as we move through our lives (expansion, clarity, roughness, mobility, warmth, transformation, flow, elimination, grounding, etc).

The Wind Element, called Vayu, is the primary focus in our movement practices (as it represents direction of movement) ... and this Vayu also has the Five Elements within it.

The Ether Wind (Udana Vayu) The Primary (Wind) Wind (Prana Vayu) The Fire Wind (Samana Vayu) The Water Wind (Vyana Vayu) The Earth Wind (Apana Vayu)

The Earth Wind which relates to the Earth Element represents the circulation of Prana in the lower torso and lower limbs. This distribution of Prana has far reaching effects in the body including maintaining the health of the large intestine (eliminating waste, maintaining gut flora, absorbing nutrients, stabilising mind and staying hydrated), creating and maintaining gynaelogical health and helping low back health.

There are more subtle effects to working with this energy too!

There is a flow of conciousness in these lower spaces in the body that connect to our feelings around our survival needs (hunger, sleep, sex and self preservation).

With this second lockdown many of us are feeling the de-stabilising effects and the increase in anxiety around 'surviving' even if, comparative to some, we are relatively safe and well. We can help others, just a little, by stabilising our self with our practice and sharing that stabilizing 'Earth Energy' with others.

The Earth Wind Practice works by moving and feeling into the outer core areas, hip work, seated poses, Earth Mudra and Exhale Breathwork and the attitude of release and surrender of those things that are unhelpful.

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