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Supporting the Water Body

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Our Water Body are all the elements, organs, tissues, body-parts that need hydrating, connecting, nourishing, consoling, soothing energy and, at the same time, offer that same life-giving energy to our other organs, tissues, body-parts and our mind when it is needed. It is the ability to shift our energy into second gear when required. It is not that it is always required or more important than anything else - but if the ability to get into this mode is inhibited our health will suffer.

When the Water Energy in the body is balanced we will have the ability (when the occasion suits it) to go with the flow, connect into our creativity, sensuality and sexuality and feel inspired (mentally and physically) and our mind will find it easy to be creative and find our own artful way to navigate the easiest way through our day.

When the Water Energy in the body is deficient we will feel dried out and dried up (physically and mentally), fatigued, disorientated and a bit off balance even when the situation demands the absolute opposite.

When our Water Energy is in excess we will feel water-logged, heavy, over-emotional and clingy.

If the Water Energy is deficient or if there is an excess within another Element that would benefit from a boost in Water Energy, there are many ways we can bank it!

Movement: A balanced practice of side body stretching and strengthening along with hip work, opening and hip integration movements and side/back core work can really help to increase and share that Water Energy to the periphery of the body and re-balance excess too.

Massage: Massage the low back and buttocks. If you have time, you can take a sitz bath after your self-massage.

Food: The neutral (a huge taste within many foods) and sour (relieves thirst and improves digestion) food tastes are a great way to boost that circulation of the Water Element Energy. The best Water food (dietary) practices are to start making a diet diary regarding your water intake. Some people do drink too much water but a lot of people drink far too little. When you wake up, drink 2 glasses of warm (boiled then either cooled enough to drink or added enough fresh/filtered cool water to the hot water to make it drinkable). For some of your water drinks - add some fresh squeezed lemon juice. If you have digestive issues (either acutely or chronically), take 1 part plain fresh yogurt blended (longer the better) with 9 parts fresh filtered water and drink at 11am (away from food).

Lifestyle: Oiling the body is one of Ayurveda's secret remedies that helps to create flow, unblock energy and help the function of cleansing and nourishing all in one step! Warm some plain (not toasted) sesame oil and, with a circular motion, massage the whole body from head to feet. If you don't have time to massage the whole body, try to get to the sternum, belly and feet and if you don't mind washing your hair after include the crown of the head. Leave the oil on for up to 1 hour (but if you only have 10 minutes that is better than nothing). Then, this is important, wash it off under the shower (sesame oil does not harden and block pipes). If you have oiled the crown of your head you will need to gently and thoroughly remove the oil for 10 minutes just with warm water (no soap). After you have massaged your head and body for at least 5-10 minutes with warm water you can wash the rest of the oil off with a pure, clean, unadulterated shampoo and soap/body wash. Some of the oil will have gone into the body to nourish it and some will stay on the skin leaving it feeling moisturised (even after being 'washed off'). Congratulations! You have now also delivered 'snehana' (translation - love) to your body and mind. The ultimate Water Energy boost.

There are certain activities and lifestyle choices that create poor quality and excess Water Element. In this case, you can still do the above health practices but try to cut out (or get help with ) the following:

  • Drinking sweet juices and fruit smoothies

  • Excess dairy, wheat and sugar

  • Addictions (alcohol, smoking, food, sex, bad relationships, etc)

If the Water Energy is excessive there are other Elements that can help to bring balance.

Similarly, the Water Energy is can be important in reducing excess Ether, Wind and Fire Element.

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