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Supporting the Fire Body

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Our Fire Body are all the elements, organs, tissues, body-parts that need sharp, hot, stimulating, penetrating, busy energy and, at the same time, offer that same quick burst of boisterous energy to our other organs, tissues, body-parts and our mind when it is needed. It is the ability to shift our energy into third gear when required. It is not that it is always required or more important than anything else - but if the ability to get into this mode is inhibited our health will suffer.

When the Fire Energy in the body is balanced we will have the ability (when the occasion suits it) to enthused (mentally and physically) and our mind will find it easy to stay sharp and focused without losing concentration.

When the Fire Energy in the body is deficient we will feel cold and pale, notice a malabsorption of nutrients and increase in toxicity. Mentally we will feel uninterested, dull, distracted, cold (emotionally) and unable to digest thoughts, emotions and food even when the situation demands the absolute opposite.

When our Fire Energy is in excess we be inflamed and will feel agitated, irritated and inflamed.

If the Fire Energy is deficient or if there is an excess within another Element that would benefit from a boost in Fire Energy, there are many ways we can bank it!

Movement: A sliding scale of movments that include core movements that increase our capacity to dig deep into the layers of the belly with just the right amount of twists to get warmth, penetration and pressure/release to your body works well for balancing both excess and deficient Fire Element within the body.

Massage: Massage the belly is a huge YES! for the Fire Element.

Food: The pungent, sour and salty taste are wonderful for adding improving the quality of our Fire Body. Try adding a little pinch of salt to your 1st and last glasses of water. Start using concentrated foods such as turmeric, fennel, cumin, asofetida, coriander, garlic, cinnamon, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme to your meals (in whichever dosage and mixtures that make your taste buds salivate). Make most of your meals warm, oily meals.

Lifestyle: Eat your largest and most nourishing meals between 10am and 2pm! This is when our digestive fire is at it's utmost and during this time you will get the most (absorb the most) out of your meals. If you don't eat well during this time you are increasing the risk of that unfed heat deteriorating tissue and causing inflammation.

There are certain activities and lifestyle choices that create poor quality and excess Fire Element. In this case, you can still do the above health practices but try to cut out the following:

  • Over-eating salt (this is different for everyone (some people are salt deficient) - a health practitioner can guide you)

  • Excess fasting

  • Eating once the sun has gone down or before it comes up

  • Excess spices

  • Barbecued meats

  • Excess sun bathing

  • Excess hot dry saunas

  • Over-exercising (losing too much water from sweating or just getting really hot and bothered through exercise)

  • Working too many deadlines

  • Working past 8pm

  • Not getting to sleep before 11pm (try to be in bed and ready to sleep by 10pm even if you just read and relax/meditate/stretch for a while before sleeping).

  • Waking in the night to work or eat

  • Giving up meal times to work

  • Poor food combinations (milk does not mix well with meats/fish/breads/cereals and fruit does not mix well with any other food - 'eat fruit alone or leave it alone')

  • Rushing your food. Chew well and eat slowly and mindfully

  • Over-zealous recipes and too many courses (three to four main food choices is plenty at each meal) (example: meat or main ingredient; grain; side vegetable; fat/oil; herbs)

  • Try to eat seasonally - lighter and cooler soothing food choices in Summer and heavier, nutrient dense warming foods in Winter.

If the Fire Energy is excessive there are other Elements that can help to bring balance.

Similarly, the Fire Energy is can be important in reducing excess Wind, Water and Earth Element.

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