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Supporting the Earth Body

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Our Earth Body are all the elements, organs, tissues, body-parts that need slow, steady, heavy, quiet, still energy and, at the same time, offer that same quiet, heavy, still energy to our other organs, tissues, body-parts and our mind when it is needed. It is the ability to shift our energy into first gear when required. It is not that it is always required or more important than anything else - but if the ability to get into this mode is inhibited our health will suffer.

When the Earth Energy in the body is balanced we will have the ability (when the occasion suits it) to be calm, settled, easy-going, grounded and understanding and we will feel safe, secure, stable (mentally and physically) and our mind will find it easy to become still and quiet when it is needed - for instance when it is time to sleep or when we want to drop away tension and soak up a beautiful moment.

When the Earth Energy in the body is deficient we will feel a loss of muscle tone and muscles will feel weaker. Our mind will feel ungrounded, unsettled, agitated, insecure and our mind will chatter and feel scattered even when the situation demands the absolute opposite.

When our Earth Energy is in excess we will feel cold, sleepy, weak, lethargic, unenthusiastic, dull, heavy minded and heavy within our body. We will have trouble letting go physically and mentally and may tend to hold on to emotions and physical toxic waste - setting up a cycle of holding on and then feeling even more bogged and weighed down without the creative energy to find a solution.

If the Earth Energy is deficient or if there is an excess within another Element that would benefit from a boost in Earth Energy, there are many ways we can bank it!

Movement: Restorative movement, Yin Yoga, seated and supine poses, anchoring the body via the sitting bones or sacrum and becoming still nourish the Earth Element of the body. A sliding scale of movements that stretch out the back body (soles of the feet, back of the legs, spine to back of the neck) and the quads and movements that help strengthen the toes, ankles, calves, quads/hamstrings, knees and thighs are a great way to create balance (whether high or low) in the Earth Body.

Massage: Massage the roots of the body - the legs and feet. Reflexology is great for deficient Earth Energy. Try a 10 - 20 minute self massage of the feet at least 3 nights a week. If you have time, you can soak your feet in warm water (with a bit of untoasted sesame oil, salt and lemon juice squeezed in) after the massage for a few minutes before you dry off and get into bed.

Food: The neutral (a huge taste within many foods) and astringent (which helps balance blood sugar) food tastes are a great way to boost that downward flowing energy of the Earth Element. The best Earth food practices are, first, getting rid of processed sugars and added sugars then making sure that you have good quality fats and good quality slow release carbs (not too many unless you are very active!) and clean-burning proteins in your diet. You can add in some herbal teas and use cinnamon and eat sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseeds. For the Earth practices it is so important not to miss meals. Try putting together a diet diary that has your meal-times clearly scheduled in for each day.

Lifestyle: Sleep is the number one lifestyle remedy to improve the Earth Energy. Put an app such as 'SnoreLab' on your phone and start checking your quality of sleep. The SnoreLab app will also pick up if there is light or noise pollution that is affecting you during the night. You may be 'sleeping' through it but it may be disturbing your sleep and stopping you from getting into a deep sleep or going through your sleep cycles. Poor sleep causes inflammation in the body, disturbs hormone balance and production and impairs healing.

There are certain activities and lifestyle choices that create poor quality and excess Earth Element. In this case, you can still do the above health practices but try to cut out the following:

  • Sleeping during the day

  • Over-sleeping, lying in late in the mornings

  • Over-eating

  • Under exercising

  • Too much sitting

  • Eating processed foods

  • Over-eating dairy, meat and carbs

If the Earth Energy is excessive there are also other Elements that can help to bring balance.

Similarly, the Earth Energy is can be important in creating balance in the Ether, Wind and Fire Element.

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