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Marma Points for Cystitis

Everyone who HAS had it comes out in sympathy for anyone who DOES have it and the mere mention of it can cause a grimace and a little shriek!!

I've been hearing the word a lot with friends the past two weeks and have had a run in myself. Bleh.

Ayurveda recommends via it's Five Elements of home health care advice using diet, supplements, massage, movement (yoga poses) and lifestyle changes.

Most of us have an arsenal of remedies in our pockets for the unfortunate run in with cystitis (sitz baths, hot water bottle, rest, hydration, cranberry, etc etc) but I wanted to share Ayurveda's marma massage goodies here. A few that you would guess to give a rub whilst suffering -- but a few you wouldn't!

Please do read through rather than just look at the marma-map as it was hard to get those points spot on in the graphic. With each point massage counter-clockwise and then clockwise. You can use oil. Make sure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the massage. The marma (points) are all different sizes but not small like an acupuncture point. So, it is fine to massage the general area of the marma point. The word marma means 'vulnerable point' so be gentle with these tender spots (do not massage over areas of injury, bruises, broken skin or with unexplained or undiagnosed illness or during pregnancy without one to one advice).

BASTI MARMA - In between the belly button and the pubic bone.

Strengthens bladder; helps with frequency, urgency, inflammation and pain.

VRUKKA MARMA - Take a cat/cow movement of your spine while seated (which will also help this marma) and feel the area of the back where the most motion is occurring (massage here on both sides of the spine ).

Supports the kidneys and adrenals and bladder; Helps with pain relief.

KATI MARMA - sacrum

I like to lie on my back with my sacrum resting onto a low block (soles of the feet on the floor) and breathe deeply and slowly with hands on floor or belly. You can massage this area instead (or also).

Benefits the bladder; relieves inflammation; relieves local pain.

ANI MARMA - crease of the elbow

Helps with bladder tone; supports urinary function

SAKTHI URVI MARMA- centre of the quad (mid-front thigh)

Benefits bladder and kidneys

PADA CHARANA MARMA - front of the ankle where it flexes

Helps regulate bladder function

* Please note that this is just a quick overview and some fun facts that can be tried. Most conditions need to be supported in the way that they relate to the individual body-type and doshic symptoms for a 'proper Ayurvedic approach'. Saying that, every little helps and you might find a gem in here. For me, the pada charana marma is a must along with other cystitis relief support.

Lots of love,

Sonia xxx

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