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Flu Juice Shots

Flu juice-shots all ready for the freezer with all six tastes for optimal health benefits - -

Sweet - carrot, orange, honey Sour - lemon, orange Salty - garlic (garlic actually has all the tastes except sour) Pungent - garlic, ginger, celery, parsley Bitter - parsley, celery, turmeric Astringent - turmeric, honey

Just add quarter cup of hot water to dissolve and a teaspoon of honey

Celery - burns ama/builds agni

Ginger - clears congestion in ears, nose, throat. Detoxifies and purifies, stimulating agni

Carrot - nourishing and exhilarates Prana

Orange - increases immunity, stimulates agni

Garlic - supports circulation and immunity

Parsley - nourishes and energises Prana

Turmeric - burns toxins

Honey - healing!

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