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Fire In Motion

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The Fire Element has an affinity with one of the subdosha called 'samana vayu'. Samana describes one fifth of our flowing energy that goes from the periphery deep into our core. Samana vayu means 'balancing wind' and it is the flowing energy that unites the upward and downward flows. This flowing wind/Prana blows on the Agni (digestive power in the body) keeping it burning bright and steady.

This Fire Element is also connected to two other subdosha called Pachaka Pitta and Kledaka Kapha which trebles the connection of the Fire Element to Agni and not only the way we take in and digest food but also how we take in and digest via all five senses.

The marma of Nabhi and Surya sit in the Fire space of the belly-button to diaphragm. Marma means 'vulnerable point' and this vulnerability lends itself to being an area where healing can begin also.

This Fire Element practice is about transformation and this is where we find the style of the practice transforming from very physically based (Earth and Water practices) to more esoteric (Wind and Ether Element practices).

In the Fire Element Classes we will touch on these aspects of Ayurveda, learning them by movement, sensation, concentration, attention and breath via the Fire Element practices.

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