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Digestive Support with Ayurvedic Movement

Classically, Ayurvedic therapeutics are delivered via 6 main actions 🌊🌪️🌞❄️🌍🌟

The 'Daily Dose' classes follow Ayurveda's therapeutic model to help you pick a daily practice suited to your needs and your symptoms.

See the 'Digestive Support' class in an easy 20 minute session that you can fit into each day as it suits you best!💛

The Digestive Support classes follow the Ayurvedic therapeutic model for 'svedana' or balancing the body via the Fire and Water Element!🔥💦

Traditionally, Svedana is used for weak digestion, indigestion, fatigue, feeling heavy in the body, loss of strength, waking up tired, a feeling of st

agnation, lack of appetite (or, more to the point, not enjoying your food the way you expect to), feeling cold all the time, loss of lustre in your complexion and generally having the feeling of being toxic.🤮

Most people will enjoy the 20 minute class for it's feel good factor when finishing and some will be attracted to it as a daily therapeutic practice.

Many good wishes for your practice!🙏

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