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An Anti-Doldrums Support Plan for Vata Ksaya

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Vata Ksaya is a term for a type of disturbance that happens in the body (and mind) leading to symptoms of a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of drive and a feeling as if something (that you can't put your finger on) has come to a halt. It can come along with a feeling that you are holding your breath or not breathing properly. At the same time, Agni gets sluggish and there is a propensity to sleep more and more. There can be a feeling of exhaustion just after speaking a few words and you may not want to see anyone, listen to anyone or even be touched by anyone (senses feel overwhelmed) along with smells and tastes being too much to engage with.

I've termed the practice of providing support to Vata Ksaya as Anti-Doldrums not just to point to the feeling of stagnation and depression but also to reference the belt of Water near the Equator where sailing ships sometimes get stuck on windless waters. Vata means 'to move' and is comprised of the Wind Element. When this Wind Element ceases and Vata decreases, the Doldrums occur in the body.

The movement practice above is a practice that removes obstruction. It exfoliates the channels of the body creating more flow and circulation, especially around the region of the lungs and heart.

To support the remedial effect of this movement practice it is a great idea to increase pungent (spicy), bitter (leafy greens) and astringent (legumes) foods.

As a lifestyle practice you can start rising at sunrise and going for a brisk walk that increases your heart-rate.

Skin brushing is also a fabulous way to stimulate the lymph and energy flow around the body! Make sure you use a quality skin brush and brush lightly towards the heart each morning.

Turmeric is a great addition to both your foods and as a daily supplement!

If you would like to practice with the full range of Five Element Fitness therapeutic classes (and practices that work with the Five Elements (Ether, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) they are available on Demand here via subscription.

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