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An Alkalising Support Practice for Pitta Vrddhi

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Pitta Vrddhi is a term describing an increase of Pitta Dosha. Signs and symptoms can occur in any of the five sub-dosha of Pitta which are the small intestine (primary site), eyes, mind, liver and skin (Pachaka Pitta, Alochaka Pitta, Sadhaka Pitta, Ranjaka Pitta and Bhrajaka Pitta). An aggravated irritation can be felt in all or one of these sites/seats of Pitta. Burning hot and dry eyes, an irritated and angry state of mind, hormonal imbalance and feeling 'liverish' and burning itchy skin and rashes and excess sweating (with a sour smell) could be symptoms of this excess of heat and acidity and pressure that signifies Pitta Dosha but the primary symptom usually occurs as an increase in hunger and thirst which is only pacified temporarily with food and refreshments. Literally, on the other end of this, diarrhoea and loose stools occurs.

Along with the symptoms above, there is usually a decrease in good quality sleep because of restlessness and a feeling of heat in the mind and the body. There will be a significant increase of symptoms when you become hot (sauna, hot weather, anger, spicy foods, hot bath, etc) and you will tend to find solace in cool retreat from the heat (standing in front of the fridge, jumping in a cool shower, taking yourself out of intense situations and avoiding work with intense deadlines, etc). You may also have regular trouble with inflammatory conditions (or those that have inflammation as part of the picture) such as arthritis flare ups, cystitis, conjunctivitis, migraines, gastritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), skin rashes, etc.

I have termed the movement practice for these conditions an Alkalising Practice entirely due to its contrary nature to heat, acidity and pressure. This practice includes making room in the body to decrease intensity, pressure and heat by using grounding Earthy sequences and uplifting mind calming breathwork and shoulder-work including inversions. Inversions need to be playful and fun and not challenging or long-held to produce this release.

To support the Alkalising practice include plenty of leafy green vegetables and salads in your daily diet. Leave out very spicy or oily foods and foods that are over-salted. Usually cold and raw foods are avoided in Ayurvedic diets - but in this case, raw vegetable juices and sweet freshly made fruit juices can be a great way to cool the system. Please note that this is counterproductive and contra-indicated if you have ama or any digestive support is needed (you can check out the Digestive Support blog and follow those practices until the strength of Agni returns).

Foot massage is an incredible add on to an Alkalising practice. You can practice foot massage on yourself or get an Ayurvedic practitioner or reflexologist to apply this grounding, soothing, heat-busting, mind-balm. Try using coconut oil for the massage/base oil along with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil for an extra dose of cool and soothe

If you can, book a get-away even if it is a stay-cation and you just switch all your mobile media news feeds off and set up an at home Spa retreat for a few days. Anything that takes the pressure off and takes the foot off the pedal is a remedy for Pitta Vrddhi.

Turmeric and Triphala together are a great way to provide a little Ranjaka Pitta support and a mild liver cleanse that is gentle and not in any way intense. You can take the Turmeric as a drink (a spoonful of turmeric and a dash of maple syrup in a warmed cup of milk or dairy free alternative)

If you would like to practice with the full range of Five Element Fitness therapeutic classes (and practices that work with the Five Elements (Ether, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) they are available on Demand here via subscription.

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