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A De-Stress Support Plan for Kapha Ksaya

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Kapha Ksaya is a decrease of Kapha (the ability of the body to hug inwards and maintain strength and structure). Although this alone does not produce strong and adverse symptoms, the accompanying increase in VataPitta (Dry Heat) can. This can produce a feeling of debility and weakness, particularly within the joints which feel 'loose' and without integrity. Along with this there can be a feeling of being giddy or dizzy or off-balance. General dryness of the body will increase further due to the heat leading to dry skin, mouth (with increased thirst) and eyes.

I've termed the practice that antidotes Kapha Ksaya the De-Stress practice because the VataPitta increase symptoms also leads to most recognised symptoms of stress (feeling off balance physically and mentally, heat/agitation/aggravation of body and mind leading to increased anger, anxiety and even panic/palipitations, a decrease in strength and immunity, increased propensity to stress ulcers and poor sleep patterns).

The movement practice above helps to re-ground the body via hip release work, relaxation techniques, extended exhalations and working on a general sense of slowing down and becoming still. Generally in terms of movement, slow side body opening and hip release will help bring energy back down to the lower body increasing feelings of safety and security in body and mind.

To support the remedial effects of this practice it is important to nourish the body. Eat regular meals that include plenty of grains (and dairy and eggs if you eat them), root vegetables, fermented foods and sea vegetable (and a little bit of natural salt (sea, rock, himalayan, black, etc). Decrease raw foods/cold foods in your diet and cook with/add natural oils. Limit your spices (avoiding overly hot and spicy meals) but feel free to use liberal amounts of cardamom, fennel, cumin and asafetida (hing).

As your stress levels decrease you should find that you are sleeping better, but if you don't look into why that could be and take any measures you can to improve your sleep.

Brahmi and Triphala as a part of your supplement practice can be very helpful for the nervous system in general and can improve symptoms of insomnia as well as calming, soothing and relaxing body and mind.

If you would like to practice with the full range of Five Element Fitness therapeutic classes (and practices that work with the Five Elements (Ether, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) they are available on Demand here via subscription.

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