immunity, strength & happiness

leads to – radiance and vigour

out of balance – degeneration



word – NOURISH


medicine – for pain, degeneration and fatigue


qualities - sweet, cool, liquid, honey-like, soft, heavy, lubricating


elements – earth and water


dosha – kapha meaning ‘to hug’


direction – outwardly circulating and down and out


location – heart and chest (but effect circulating) – 8 drops in heart and the rest circulates (para and apara Ojas)


movement - actively moving energy through lower limbs and down into the ground (rooting) and long, langourous 'yin style' stretches that receptively nourish the deep fascia structures of the body and dhatu (7 body tissues of ayurvedic anatomy) - 'irrigating' the matrix of the body with Prana and rasa (life giving fluids filled with nourishment) 


breath – filling the back, front and sides of the breath with length given to the exhale to create calm


sankalpa – I am strong



tastes – grapes, boiled cow’s milk, almonds, pancha armrta, ghee, whole grains, fresh organic vegetables, sweet ripe fruits


no leftovers, no junk foods, no processed/packaged foods 


remedies - tonics


massage – low belly, lower back, buttocks and lower limbs

marma - 


lifestyle – promote nourishment through daily health routines including scheduling regular sleeping and eating times