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To understand pain and other conditions within the body we must first understand the brain.

One of the hardest things to learn is to NOT focus on the suffering. This is NOT because it is NOT real and it is NOT because it is EASY for everyone EXCEPT you. It is because until we learn to redirect our attention our nervous system and brain will stay attached to danger and saving our lives. If you learn to do it you will be one of the very few people that have learned to think before you react. This is meta skill and it is the primary teaching of Yoga. If you learn how to do this everything in your life will improve. Not just your level of suffering but your potential happiness and healing.

Our brains are designed to protect our lives. This is serious business. It would rather be wrong and we didn't need saving rather than wrong and we DID need saving!

We don't see with our eyes. We see with our brain. We don't hear, taste, smell or feel with our sense organs either. We hear, taste, smell and feel with our brain.

Most of our experiences are learned and can be explained by predictive coding. Our brain is always leaping one step ahead of us to help us make quick and energy efficient decisions.

Our brain doesn't know the difference between what is real and what isn't. We can induce all of the products of the senses through thought-work, suggestion, practice and dreaming

OH! One more thing...

Unlearning a strong neural pathway is hard!

From Dr. Schubiner - Leading World Expert on Neuroplastic Pain/TMS/Chronic Pain

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