all digestive and metabolic processess

leads to – strength, good health, long life, enthusiasm, Prana

out of balance – toxicity, inflammation



word – PROCESS


medicine – indigestion, fatigue, mood changes


qualities - hot, sharp, penetrating, spreading, subtle, luminous, clear


elements – fire and water


dosha – pitta meaning ‘to burn’


direction – inwardly and outwardly circulating


location – ‘grahani’ - duodenum to 1st part of small intestine


movements – contraction then extension


breath – full inhale and extended exhale and pause


sankalpa – I am brave, determined, capable and strong and I get the best out of life




tastes – kitcheree, spices, bitters,


remedies – triphala, trikatu, ginger, garlic


massage – belly, knees, elbows,


lifestyle – correct amount of water (including not too much), timing meals, attend to urges, no daysleep, no nightshift work or staying up past 11pm, managing emotions, cleansing eyes, eyedrops, ghee eye-baths, no dieting